Plot Bug, and terrain Bug's


    Hello there!,
    So far enjoying the game for these little time will be able, i find the next Bugs, and one of them had knoked my down,

    1. Bug in the terrain, monument of elemental dungeon, where the pile of water in the top you can teleport to the highest but you cannot going down from the highest, zone of the monument. where the whisps, hearthwood.

    2. same area but relocated in the holes of the zone centre, but this time u literraly can teleport or using any mobility ability what could fall you down easily. if the final step of the range are in one of those.

    3. when removing a house cuz you see u have not space for more smeltrys and this and that, them i decided i make a smaller building so i take the chest out and some benchs and when i remove it, also the line in front where i move the chest to where was free space, disapier, and the funniest i leave one of the bench inside and it still there. but all i keep in a safe zone had disapier.

    4. [s]Tachar[/s] ACC name's appiers in public at the citys instead the name of your current character,nconfindece information exposed to unknowns.[s]Tachar[/s]

    Regards from Atrium,

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    @DJUAN994 That's because City membership is by Account name, not character name. You can only join 1 city per planet


    okey, i go it!

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