Non residential T2 plate and weapon Enchanting


    Non resident cant enchant T2 plate armor and weapons. Zenith shouldnt have any restrictions, but it doesnt work for me, im Atrium resident.
    Tested with Zenith resident and he could enchant my boots.
    Made a videoclip of what i mean.

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    @argottt not sure I fully understand what your saying, and the video doesn't help any.

    Are you saying your an Atrium Resident, and when you try to enchant T2 Plate Armor and weapons it works in Atrium, but when you try in Zenith it doesn't work

    At the same time, you had a friend who is a Zenith Resident attempt the same thing in Zenith and it did work? or he tried in Atrium and it worked, but still not in Zenith?

    These specifics might indicate different issues;

    1. There might be a non-resident restriction or
    2. There might be a bug in either the tech tree or enchanting system.


    Atrium resident cant enchant T2 plate items in Zenith.
    Works fine for Zenith resident.
    There are no restriction at Zenith end, so must be a bug.
    Video is there to show what happens when i try to enchant at Zenith.

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