Loot being lost and not being sent to the inventory


    Hello all,

    This is an issue that we've found last night, while farming at the ogre camp.


    On the clip its possible to see that when looting the item (and we made sure that I was the only person looting so we could split everything at the end), sometimes the loot gets picked up and sometimes the list gets shorter and items moved to the left as they were picked up but in reality they were not and ended up being lost and not sent to my inventory.

    The same issue happened to other items such as Metal Components and Metal Sheets.

    The issue:

    • When looting spamming the right mouse buttom from a list of 4+ items, sometimes 1 of the items gets skipped and disappers and never get sent to the inventory, closing the loot window and making the corpse to be empty and giving the message that it does not have any loot anymore, when checking the corpse again. Also, the item does not get sent to players inventory, which results in 1 of the items being lost forever.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed, apologies for the inconvenience!

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