Logging out on a bridge, logging in under the bridge in the water


    This might have been more of a problem if I'd been on a bridge over deep water, lol. But is this the expected behavior? Among other things I expect it might be a good candidate for people getting stuck on terrain.

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    @shava23 There is a known Asset Management bug about disappearing Bridge Assets in the game that has been reported in several places. Of course, if the Bridge in the depths of that one badland area(can't recall the name" that spans over an endless drop were to disappear that would be something to see!!!


    @GamerSeuss I'm not sure the asset disappeared so much as the location when you log in doesn't have to have a Z dimension in an isotropic game if you can't normally go under the bridge, so it drops you to the floor of the water, even though there's a higher Z.

    My mind-reading guess would be that your coordinate from last log out is only X,Y.

    That's what the behavior looks like, since the bridge is visibly there, and you can run to either end and get up onto it, and you have to wiggle to get out from under it.

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