PSA: For those new people (and returning) who want to make suggestions and report bugs

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    Before making a suggestion on how to change a feature in the game, or before reporting a bug, do everyone a favor, yourself included, and click the Search Icon up in the upper Right Hand corner of the Forums Screen and type in a key word or two and see if your topic has already been addressed.

    I know not everyone has time to go through every single forum post in this game. (We're a talkative bunch) however, after awhile, it begins to get really really tedious when the same conversation about the same suggestion ends up having to be done 20 or 30 times.

    If your doing this for the Foundation Goal of making a "New Post", you get credit for posting in an existing Forum topic, so you don't need to make a new post for those points.

    We could also consolidate all the "Hello, I'm New" threads to make it easier to find and monitor posts about new issues without wading through as many of these variations out there as we tend to get.

    This is just my own personal opinion, mind you. I'm not a Developer, or on staff for the Forums or anything. I just would like to see our efforts to improve this game optimized by gathering these hot topics together in single threads instead of seeing the same old topic rehashed every time a new person joins the game. EVERYONE's feedback is valuable, even if it is on a subject that the Devs have already made their mind up about...I'm not saying to still your voices. I just want people to benefit from seeing what has come before on a subject, before starting some of these discussions over for the upteenth time.

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