One totally wrong assumption by developers:

  • You know what yall? I've been thinking about this sorta heavily.

    It was stated that the amount of players that went red and player killed last alpha was to many and it didnt seem to discourage people from player killing.
    However I really think that thats a very incorrect and inaccurate way to gauge red penalties working or not.

    When you have a server that is going to be wiped after say a few months... then it would obviously be everyone's attempt to go red and player kill prior to the server wiping. I believe that if the game was fully launched and there were gold penalties and or knowledge point penalties people would actually consider long term if they wanted to go red on their character.

    I think if the developers applied a penalty that they could scale up. EXAMPLE the bail system then players would seriously consider their red status at launch.
    It just isnt realistic to gauge this issue in alpha when the server will be wiped and everyone gets to start over.

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    What you said is certainly true, but you are also missing one piece of the picture.
    In the previous test, being red was the only way to participate in pvp. Many players didn't want to pk. They wanted to pvp.
    In the coming test, we are going to see those that just want pvp going grey and those that are actually intent on going pk which will go red. This will give a much better idea of the situation and will allow to tune the penalties more accurately.

  • @spoletta Oh interesting i actually didnt know that. Thank you for sharing.
    I am eager to see how it all levels out. I hope they shy away from the random dropped item idea as well. It just reminds me of every other mmo's response which i think is a weak one.

    Have a good weekend!

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