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    If you are looking for a PvP focused and loyal guild, then The 600 is the one for you! Our guild will be predominantly PvP focused on the demon world of Tartaros with our conquest expanding to the outer planets. The functionality of the demon race works most optimal within a clan that can cover and support one another whilst we crush rival clans and races underfoot.

    Given the unique and dynamic gameplay of Fractured, I envision our guild to serve not only as a marauding force on Tartarus, but also on the neighboring planets of Arboreus and Syndesia. As we invade the Beastmen and Human home worlds, we will not only create exciting content for ourselves, but also for those who wish to defend their territories and cities by participating in exciting ZvZ content to either repel The 600, or fall to darkness.

    The core guild members and myself have years of experience operating in an open world PvP scenario. Our knowledge extends from the chaotic ZvZ battles in Albion Online to the coordinated and precise ZvZ and small group content that inhabits Gw2 World versus World where I personally lead as a commander within our server (Sorrow's Furnace). We are excited to take part in the growth of this unique game and I can not wait to experience it with all who share the same vision as I do!

    Feel free to the join the guild. If you wish to chat, reply to this thread or you can dm me privately!
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    GL with your guild 😉

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