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    A game with different worlds that you are able to travel to for limited time, an open world full to explore, lore, knowledge and with survival features, player towns, etc.. With mostly PVE worlds, sound like a game a lot on RPers would enjoy.
    I don't usually RP but as a DnD player I see the potential for those players. Player towns ruled and inhabited by RPers. So I would propose the adding of RP features like emotes, more animations in furniture or interactable furniture, a walking vs running toggle button, etc. Possibly allowing other players roles on your property so they can get inside your property and possible use it. (Not sure if any of this are already features in the game.)


    @Blueberryamora Just curious as to why you say you are a D&D player but you don't RP? Since one of D&D's three pillars is social interaction, which is role playing. Unless you are not referring to Dungeons and Dragons. Anyway no big deal only struck me a little odd. Maybe i just need more coffee... yeah probably need more coffee.


    😂 yeah I ment I dont generally RP in mmos, if I play DnD of course I RP - in general

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