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  • Hey all,

    I have been feeling that MMO itch, and have been wading through the garbage in hopes of finding a not dead sandbox MMO. I heard about Fractured and thought "yeah, it looks perfect but will probably never release or be dead after a few weeks." Unfortunately, that's the outcome I've come to expect from sandbox MMOs, but I would love to be wrong! So here are some questions:

    • How is the population in Alpha?
    • Is it worth buying right now?
    • Realistically, how is development and the future looking? (Hopefully better than Sui Generis, RIP)

    For reference, the most recent sandboxes that I've played are Mortal Online at Alpha and for a couple years (dead now), Salem the Crafting MMO for a while (was dead when I played), and Albion Online at Alpha (turned into zerg theme park). After giving up on the genre, I played GW2 for a few hundred hours and then burned out on the theme park-ness. I've been debating playing FFXIV because it keeps getting recommended, but like everything else out right now it looks so... 2010. So please, please give me any reason to think this game is worth it haha!


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    The population of the Alpha right now is low, and that's due to the alpha cycle that the game is following.

    We have around one test every season and it lasts for around one month. The alphas have a lot of players in the first 1-2 weeks of testing due to all the players experimenting around with the new mechanics implemented in that test, and then the population starts dwindling toward the end.
    This alpha is close to its end, so the population at the moment is at its minimum.
    There is a little caveat in this though. We are still missing the implementation of a key mechanic (sieges), which should be hopefully coming this week. Following that then the population will again rise to test it, but it will also mean that the test will close in the following week.

    Is it worth buying right now? I don't know. I did buy it in the previous alpha and I'm having quite a bit of fun. Even if it is an alpha it is quite enjoyable. Point is that it is an alpha, so we have only a little set of the full features (only one continent, around a third of the skills, only one race...) and this obviously impacts the longevity of the experience. It isn't something that you can play regularly for a long time, at the moment. If that is what you are looking for, then you should wait at least the beta.

    As far as the development, I'm proparly a bit biased but I think that they are doing great. The project is ambitious (take a look at the blog articles) and even if they are a bit late on the schedule, they keep pursuing it without major hiccups.

  • @spoletta Thanks for the info! If I were to buy it now, how often are the tests? You mentioned a test is ending soon, so should I wait for the next one? Will it be in a few months?

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    Yeah, usually they are one per season. In fact in the last news article, they already gave a name to the next test and it is "Summer Alpha", so we can expect it in August at the latest (provided that there are no delays).

    In any case, it looks like we are going to receive an update to the development roadmap, so I suggest that you wait for that and make your decision.

    By the way, hop on the discord, it will be easier to follow the news.

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