I try months ago to subscrive me for the closed alpha, they dont call me 😞 , i miss it, i miss the giveaway of most website for obtain a key.... so?
    Now im begging you (yes you 🙂 ) to give me a key if have one further more....

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    We will see in game (i hope) - Ci vediamo in game... spero

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    Although there are some free keys to be had out there, they generally go to those who regularly watch Streamers who broadcast Fractured content and those who post in the forums regularly and get in on the Free Key Giveaways that are sometimes made available.

    Rarely, if ever, would they give a key to someone who just begged for it. It cheapens the keys. This alpha stage is almost overwith anyway, few more days, then generally they tend to try a Stress Test for like 5 days where anyone can log in (but not always). Giveaway keys are only good for the specific Alpha Test, so getting one right now would be a bit of a waste, as well.

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