My current list of found bugs and/or suggestions


    Alright! Hello all! Here's my list of the things I have found personally. Some are more suggestions, than they are bugs. My testing focus has mostly been on a few phases of the game that I find really important. Tutorial, UI intuitiveness, early progression and residential gameplay.

    • Arrow buttons for attributes on character creation has no audio
    • Arrow buttons also hard to see, due to background color
    • When holding down right mouse button while moving around the world, your
      character randomly stops moving even if you're still holding down mouse button
    • Horses still have no audio for hoofsteps
    • Atmospheric audio cuts in and out
    • Still no circle of transparency functionality
    • Same footstep audio for different surfaces
    • Character stuck in weapon swing animation after killing mob
    • Add tutorial mission to create campfire - most frequently asked about in chat
    • Add tutorial mission purchase home plot and become resident
    • Purple texture in place of some spell effects
    • With cities removed, map in serious need of POI's
    • Need more variety in the musical score
    • Middle mouse button doesn't work as a keybind option
    • Blueprints should tell you the items needed and the amount
    • Mounting should not disable passive combat abilities (IE bash, heavy blow)
    • Hand position while running is not in alignment with weapon (spear)
    • You should be able to zoom into map based on where your mouse cursor is
    • Opening map should auto center to your location
    • Sometimes shockwave doesn't trigger when activated or doesn't deal damage
    • Grass tile not conforming to ground at -2596 W -262 N
    • Many players not able to figure out how to claim plots now. They don't see
      the house icon in bottom right. It needs to be more obvious
    • Inventory and character tab should be combined as QoL feature
    • No audio for chopping trees, or the logs falling to the ground
    • Alternate controls, such as rotating blueprints or detaching wagons needs to
      be updated to match a keybind change
    • Mining mineral nodes has no audio
    • Starter towns should be labeled on the map, as well as their building icons
      on the minimap
    • No durability loss on items used to chop wood and mine ore
    • Grass not rendering on -09 W axis
    • Lots of armor and weapon clipping
    • There is no city chat
    • QoL Doors to your house should auto-close after 10 seconds and add auto-close
      toggle in house settings for people who don't want to use it, door locks
    • Add gated fence to blueprints
    • Logs not lootable. Falling through terrain or standing up.
    • Hard to click on workstations that are against a southern wall
    • More structures need to be represented on map (IE bridges)
    • No way for players to know what governor policies mean (IE Authoritarian)
    • No way for players to know resident and citizen permissions in a town,
      which is especially useful when deciding where to settle
    • No way for players to know what researches are availabe in towns
    • Tanning tub is not filled with liquid, like it shows in it's blueprint
    • Zombies still sound like squirrels when they die
    • Water tiles around harbor are missing -5927 W -3250 N
    • Sea Trolls cast their shock nova even after death (I think this was fixed?)
    • Invisible barrier on the road at -5568 W -3211 N
    • Horse riding animation needs some serious work, sometimes character
      rocks back and forth in awkward motion when in full gallop
    • Dire Wolf death sound should sound less like popping the cork off a wine bottle
    • Bridge is off-center with road at -1748 W -616 N
    • Farenheit toggle for temperature above minimap
    • Players allowed to make plot farms, if it's not a bug, it should be. IE 20 smelteries

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