Prestige doesn't go down again, when removing town buildings.

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    Before the patch we had to reach 5200 Prestige to rank up to rank 12.
    After the patch we just need 2200 for the next rank 13 and max 2600 for reaching rank 15.
    So i thought i can remove some of the ugly Stockpiles again, that we needed to build up to get the ranks before.
    When i wanted to check the Townhall, if i removed not too much or if i still can remove some, i saw, that the prestige value don't go back, but stays at e84811ea-1ef8-49c5-97ab-0f30b88aff59-grafik.png
    A relog don't work, i tested that. Also some of the Stockpiles i already removed yesterday.
    I just was running all over the town to count and we should have around 2900 prestige at the moment and not 5200 anymore.

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