Suggestion: Dynamic settlements

  • This might have been suggested before, but i would like to propose the idea that Fractured offered more than one parcel size.
    Currently there are 2 options. 4x4 Grid parcel 2k buy in and (1k a week Buy) and owning a Town for 50K Gold

    It would be nice if we had the option of buying 4x6, 6x6 and 6x8 or something.
    The prices would reflect the sizes so the larger parcel the more it cost.

    That way we could make the settlements look more dynamic and one parcel could have 2 smaller buildings if someone wanted.
    IT would also be nice to add in larger house option to match.

    Another option is to make the Parcel grid more fine masked. So placing crafting stations closer together would be possible.
    With this option you would need to check for blueprint collision so stacking would be avoided.

    Just an Idea

  • Content Creator

    In town, house parcels can go different than 4x4, however, the 5x5 parcel wasn't working last I checked, even though Valhalla Atrium unlocked it.

    In previous tests, house plots could go as big as 6x6 in the Wilderness (which is what was needed to put a 5x5 patio structure up, as the patio seems to overlap its border on that blueprint. I assume the plan is to have different sized plots once they get the testing more in line with their expectations. Easier to test with a stricter control group.

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