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  • The tool tips for Firebolt, Magic Missiles and Frost Blast include the words "The damage of this spell can be Critical." I have tested these spells with a character with 9% crit chance. I have seen no crits on these spells - so I'm guessing the tool tip is wrong or something is yet to be implemented - or there is some other explanation I haven't thought of. There are other spells that have the same wording that I haven't tested. Any ideas on this one greatly appreciated.

    The tool tip for Deep Freeze says the slow lasts 2 secs. I'm finding that for some mobs (not all), the slow is permanent, so I'm guessing there is a Fortitude roll in there somewhere.

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    9% is not very high, and you don't know if any of the Monsters have resistances that affect this either.

    I know you can roll a 20 sided die 500 times and never once get a 1 or a 2, or you could roll that same die and get more than 50% of your results in the bottom 10%, so it is really hard to judge using such a low percentage...even when comparing to other spells, because every new roll is another chance for the RNG gods to skew your numbers.

  • A lot of the testing has been on mobs that are weak to fire (undead). Even so I have seen no crits from Firebolt. I'll see what I can find in terms of targets weak to the other elements - but the chance of a crit would have to be 0 or vanishingly small to explain the number of attacks I have tried without a single crit.

    Not sure if this has any bearing, but staff auto-attacks crit fine. I haven't counted them but 9% would be about right.

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