[UI] House-Icons for Governors persistent in a just taken city personal plot

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    We was testing with personal plots inside a city and i faced an interesting problem with the House Icons as a Governor.
    If i place a personal plot inside city boarder, i get the usual house symbol and the house symbol for removing a plot again (finally removable house plots, thank you Prometheus 🙂 ).


    But the both symbols stayed persistent, even i step out of the claim, after Dary claimed the plot.
    While the first symbol does nothing, except not vanishing, i could watch his claim management window:

    I figured out, it happened, because i was still standing in his claim, at the moment he claimed it, so that the UI seems to have no trigger anymore to hide the symbols, since the unclaimed plot isn't there anymore.
    At a newly created unclaimed plot, the hiding of this symbols works as intended, when i step in and out.

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