Whats the purpose of "young" status when people can just continusly full kill you untill they can loot your dead body?

  • Was chilling with my fellow ashenfell apes and stuff happend and i ended up having like 8 blue army guys continusly kill me untill i was full dead to then loot me. Is that on purpose or is it a bug?

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    @Honeybadgerr That is abusing an opportunity of game technique to bypass the young player protection.
    They do it, because they can't kill you in reason of your young player status, so they force you get killed in reason of too many KOs.

    To perform PVP this way, is the cheapest you can do. It is just used to gank people you should not be able to gank.
    They just do it, because they have fun to go for the weakest instead of searching real opponents.
    And even if Prometheus is fixing this lack, they will find a new one to annoy the weakest player.
    They just sit in their Voice-Channel and laugh their ass off, that they annoyed you and maybe made you quit. Thats their honey on the bread. We won't change such people, even the Devs find ways to restrict them.

    Btw. for that reason Dynamight decided to implement a justice system with bounty hunting and jailing the criminals. But that gives at the moment a heated debatting about it, because honest PVP player get a too high punishment for things that was meant to be a system against gankers.

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    Btw. i am thinking, the young player status should protect you from looting by non allowed people.
    Means, you should be still able to activate group/guild looting for reason of dying while an expedition, but not be able to get looted by anyone else.

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