Make housing plots / land parcels more intuitive and less ugly


    from personal experience, housing is currently really unintuitive and people have to ask in global chat how to buy housing. They need to be told to look for an icon that only appears while they are standing in plots. Also, uninhabited towns are really, really ugly.

    I suggest changing it to this:

    • House icon is always visible, so new players exploring the UI will know it's there for one
    • Plots are invisible by default so small villages and lone houses look actually small and not surrounded by random wooden pegs
    • Clicking the icon reveals plots, and if none are on screen, create a marker that points to the nearest group of plots if none are visible. It also marks them on the map
    • Purchase by clicking an object at the center of a plot (invisible by default)


    In previous tests, when you walked onto an unclaimed plot, the icon had a red exclamation mark on it, making it alot more visable. The devs should bring it back 🙂

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