Citizen Candidacy


    I know it's not really a bug but it needs to be fixed.
    The Fractured map is very large, there are many cities. It is normal for a player to apply to be a citizen. So, I applied in one city ... but I don't remember which one ... until now I was not accepted and so I decided to apply in another developed city that I just found (I didn't even remember that I had applied in another ). But I am not able to apply because it says that I am already a candidate in another city ... and now in which city? I don't remember ...

    You should choose the option "you are a candidate in another city, if you apply in this one the previous application is void" and delete the previous application.


    very good suggestion. i support this. I had multiple people last test that were trying to swap cities, but didn't want to have to check 20 different locations to see if they applied here or there or the other place...

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