Cannot drop Picked up item


    Riding along on a horse i found something that looks like a bucket full of coal or rocks. I had to dismount to keep it up. After picking up ive been hauling in my hands like a wooden log. I mounted up again while carrying it and it was looking kinda glitchy - the bucked merged into the player char and horse.
    Next i dismounted again to put the bucket down but i couldnt. the bucket was not in the hands anymore but somehow merged into the body. Rightklicking to put the bucket down does not work. The movement speed is slowed down as im carrying something.


    After relogin the bucket is no longer on me but on the ground in front of me.


    This happened with me as well. I picked up a piece of wood and walked about 20 seconds. I could no longer right click to drop it. I had to log out and when I logged back in I found the item dropped at my feet. I could pick up that item and walk around and drop it wherever I wanted to.


    XD this is brilliant... want to feel tough? pick up a stone and start riding a horse 😉

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