The city of many names


    Due to the changes made to the requirements for cities, most importantly the requirement of 20 citizens to claim a city, many smaller guilds, such as my guild, Mythopoeia, will no longer be able to claim a city for themselves.
    Some guilds will likely take up residence in or around the city of a larger guild, and not mind much how that city is run, but I am sure there are other guilds, or even solo players, who would like to have the things a city can offer, but to also have a more weighty say in the affairs of that city than a mere squatter would have.

    My suggestion is that some of the smaller guilds band together in a democratic union of guilds to appoint a governor and claim a city.

    My first thought was that guilds of like interest might do this, but it occurred to me that such a union might in fact be better served from guilds with different, but not opposing, focuses; namely that one guild might primarily be in charge of farming, or crafting or PVE or PVP, and the other guilds prioritise the others, which would allow all guilds involved to pursue their foremost purpose, but be able to engage in the other aspects of the game at any time, as the other guilds have 'set them up'


    Cooperation btw smaller guilds w complimentary focus seems like a natural evolution to me. It's hard to know what the final city structure/ requirements will be at this point, but for purposes of this test, it will definitely be a smart move.


    @PeachMcD It is beginning to look like no one else agrees 😛
    Or maybe they just picked other guilds to cooperate with 😕


    Or no-one is really looking at this forum until the next alpha is announced.
    I mean, this post has only been viewed 63 times (4 times by me), so who knows how many individuals have seen the post and how many of them are people of action and decision instead of passive viewers?
    I would wait before giving up hope until right before the next alpha starts.


    @OlivePit true, even I don't look at the forum much when there is no test 😛
    But if i keep saying stuff, the post keeps turning up in the recent post list 😉


    definitely looking to be a part of a town/city. think it would be a lot of fun and add a new aspect to the way i game

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