Enchanting system changes for balance

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    One of the current problems of the enchanting system is that's hard to balance.

    To make it easier to balance and better to understand, enchanting should be enchanted onto a middle man then onto a item.
    An enchanting rock.
    The enchanting rock can then be placed on a bench with a item and enchanted onto the item.

    The Enchanting rock would tell you the tier (1,2,3,4) and what it can do.

    Armor enchant - Accuracy bonus Tier 2
    Light Armor - +50 Accuracy
    Medium Armor - +40 Accuracy
    Heavy Armor - +30 Accuracy

    if a possibly of different out comes happen the rock can say that

    Weapon enchant - Multiple (8) possible bonus enchants Tier 2
    Enchant possibility's: Acid Damage, Cold Damage. Damage Increase, Fire Damage, Magic Damage, Poison Damage, Shock Damage, Spell Damage.

    Light Weapon - +50
    Medium Weapon - +50
    Heavy Weapon - +50

    This can then later be used with my other idea to fix and make enchanting system more interesting 😛

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