Stealth Archer


    I didn't have a lot of time to play this open test, but I found this stealth archer build to be very effective.

    For stats we want to max out dexterity, perception, and intelligence. This does leave us very fragile, but we won't be looking to take fair fights with this build.
    For gear we will be wearing leather, with a light weapon bow, and a light armor shield on our shield slot. I carry a heavy bow as well, and leave one slot as unarmed. I also used a wolf tooth necklace, for the extra crit bonuses.
    For our talent tree we will go deep on the perception path, avoiding detection but taking all the damage and accuracy nodes. Max it out to the ends of those two subpaths.
    enter the dex tree getting some extra stealth and dex. you need this tree only to get access to the shared path between perception and dexterity, to gain the crit bonuses.
    We will go deep into intelligence as well. This one is more left to personal preference, but i chose extra mana.

    For abilities, we will be taking Double Shot, Acid Arrows, Power Shot, Healing Wave, Relocate, Shadow Walk, Second Wind, and Shadow Dance.
    Always remember that when you dismount, before you activate Shadow Walk, you will need to activate Acid Arrows and Double Shot, as these spells will remove you from stealth when activated.
    Shadow Walk allows us to run around hidden, and is such a fun way to play this game. The potential for this ability is through the roof.
    Acid Arrows adds a ton of damage to our attacks, and the stacking corrosion makes kiting much easier.
    Whenever Double Shot is off cooldown it offers us a massive damage boost for a shot.
    Bandaids don't help us much with this build, as our constitution is meh. That's why we take Healing wave. With our high intelligence, healing wave offers a great heal for us, and if we are in a group, its extremely good.
    Power Shot is pretty self explanatory.
    Relocate requires us to tab over to the unarmed slot to use it, so you may want to skip the heavy bow just to make it easier/faster to get to. This offers us a lot of manoeverability.
    Second Wind will save us in a pinch, and without effective bandaids this spell will be used as often as it can be.
    Shadow dance offers a nice damage boost and can be cast from stealth. I like that it gives us pure damage, and the stealth bonus could come in handy if trying to escape or get past a scout.
    I didnt have time to get into enchantments, but i would be focusing on crit and accuracy.
    I hope you like my build, please comment with any constructive critcism.


    if you play your archer always alone, i would recommend the "minor healing" it has les then half of the cooldown, and a little more then half of healing, which makes it a way stronger self heal.

    for example
    424 heal 8 Sec Healing wave
    280 heal 3 Sec Minor healing

    you can heal more then 500 in les then 8 sec or nearly 800 in 9 sec

    and you save 2 memory points

    if you have 2 spare points, ( i didnt know how much others take) use both abllitys and change them based on situation alone/group


    @KingQuantum the build allows for a lot of variety as the spells I use don't use the ability points available. if they make it so you can bind more spells then I would always have both heals. I would also bind the bandages... bandages could easily be given their own button, and it makes sense for EVERYONE to use them so its only logical that they would give it a binding

    would be nice to have a binding for herbal remedies as well.

    Thanks for the feedback, I didn't know the numbers on the heals, I just knew that the minor healing was minor, and the healing wave was nice especially in a group. ideally you would be running with a couple other stealth characters.


    @OldMule healing based on your skill so it vary a bit on your progression, but minor is better for singleplayers

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