Activation Email Issue

  • Excited to play! Got master pack. Not getting activation email. I mispelled mail in Gmail in my email! Pls Help

  • This post is deleted!

  • Can anyone tell me how to get a refund?

    I really wanted to play this game over the four day. And yes, I am to blame for the typo. However, its the four day and after reaching out to two people and emailing support; there is no resolution.

    Im starting to think its not fixable. I think the game has a wonderful idea. I wish everyone the best. But I am over it at this point. I can't play to review it like I intended.

    Some of you are wondering what happened. Basically I spelled "GMAIL" as "GMIAL" and now I can not get an activation email. I figured this wouldnt even take a day to fix. Then I thought, eh, its a small crew starting out, give em more time. And maybe Im a bit impatient with the issue I myself created, albeit an honest mistake.

    But at this point, I dont know why if there hasnt been a resolution in the days past why would there be one in the future?

    So if you can kindly tell me how to get a refund, Id appreciate that.

  • To anyone reading this thread:

    The wonderful staff of Fractured, including the CEO made it right.

    Appreciate it. I’ll be getting in game today. Can’t wait to try it.


    congratulation, hope you enjoy the last test and comming back to the next longer test in Februar

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