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    The Stone City

    The stone has worn many names over the centuries. The beastmen, who catch glimpses of it only in the grip of nightmares, call it “blightrock”, and pray that the visions of hellspawn marching forth from its red-lit interior are simply dreams. Among humans, the followers of Tyros call it the Devil’s Workshop, and their priests give fiery sermons, vowing its destruction. Those who worship the dark goddess Babilis speak no name aloud, but their shrines all ape the dark majesty of the true stone itself. To demonkind, it is simply Teufelstein, one city among many scattered across the parched surface of the world.

    But to you? To you, it is home.


    Teufelstein is a demon guild and city of Tartaros, aimed at recruiting players who are looking for a lawful evil, PvX experience in Fractured. Our goal is to have a thriving city which provides its citizens with a stable economy for crafters, good PvP, challenging PvE, and the room to develop your character as you see fit. Whether you play a demon that is evil from horns to tail, or want to Ascend to the heavens as an angel, as long as you want to contribute to the growth and success of the city, Teufelstein has room for you.

    What Do You Mean, Lawful Evil?

    Put simply, we plan to play the game as intended for demons, but do it in such a way that it doesn’t result in griefing or abusive behavior. In practice, this means that if you see someone who has something you want, well… you’re a demon. Take it. Any tactics ranging from asking nicely, to bartering, to cold-blooded murder are on the table. But we do keep in mind that the player on the other end is a fellow human being, just like us, and that it is just a game. Doing things like spawn camping, killing new players just for the lulz, random acts of chaos and destruction just for the hell of it, or to ruin someone’s day are not cool. There shouldn’t be any hard feelings after the dust settles, just loot to snag and the possibility of revenge down the road to keep things interesting.

    Bottom line: We’re demons, we will play hard, we can be evil, but we won’t be dicks about it. That said, next up:

    Code of Conduct:

    • Most basic rule: Don't be a dick. Follow this, and you will have no issues in Teufelstein.

    • Absolutely zero tolerance for racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory/hateful behavior.

    • No RL politics or religion, please. Let’s have fun and kill each other over video game politics and religion instead.

    • If someone has something we want, take it. Demons, remember?. But we will not bully, harass, grief, or otherwise ruin another player’s day without cause. Taking conflicts outside the game are definitely out of bounds. No doxxing, Facebook stalking, etc.

    • We will only accept members age 21 or older, or mature 18+ on a case-by-case basis. We are a group of working adults who want to play to have fun, not have to worry about teenage angst-driven drama. Only middle-aged angst is permitted.

    • Respect in chat/voice. We are all adults, so swearing is perfectly fine. However, if a person feels uncomfortable or is offended by a particular term, please respect that and don't use it. "Raped" as a synonym for "pwnd" is a good example of a term that probably won't fly with mixed company. See rule 1.

    • Roleplay is not a must, but have at it if you want to. OOC is the norm, however.

    • Remember that this is a game, and we're here to have a good time. Why so serious?

    Quick Facts:

    • Industry: Mining, metalwork of all kinds, murder

    • Military: Hunting Parties (PvE focused), Defenders & Raiders (PvP focused)

    • Religion: All hail Babilis!

    • Ruling Body: Infernal Council

    Government Structure:

    The Council will oversee the day-to-day running of all aspects of the city. Council positions are as follows:

    • Councillor of Arms: Oversees the training, equipping and deployment of the city's armed forces with the advice of the captains of both the Hunters and the Raiders.

    • Councillor of Logistics: Beancounter in Chief, ensures the city has the materials it needs, and is the liason with other friendly cities to ensure that resources flow smoothly.

    • Councillor of Artifice: Manages the local crafters and resource gatherers. Works closely with Councillor of Logistics to make sure our production chains are solid.

    The Council is a meritocracy. The positions will be filled by citizens in good standing who have demonstrated a knack for the role. Major decisions that are not time-sensitive will be put to a city-wide vote; day-to-day and urgent decisions will be made by the Council. However, this being a feudal society, remember that the Governor has the final say if a decision must be made immediately.

    How to Apply:

    You may reply to this thread, send me a PM on the forums, or send me a message on Discord, username Trug#3650. You can also join via our Foundation page here.

    Teufelstein is a part of Fioralba, a larger gaming community. If you would like to join us on Discord, the link is here. Just let the moderators know that you're interested in Fractured and we can get you set up.

    See you in Teufelstein!

    How The Hell Is "Teufelstein" Pronounced?


  • Wiki Editor

    @Trug nice description, wish you good luck with your guild and many player who want to travel same way.
    I just have one question, why you used a german word for your stone, since you are located in US?
    I am just interested into this background 😉


    @Kralith Great question! There are a couple of reasons. First, I’m a bit of a language nerd, and I’ve picked up enough German to be dangerous without any real fluency. 😉 Second, I hope that using a foreign language will add some exotic appeal for non-German speakers.

    Thanks for the well-wishes!


    Loved everything you posted here. You summarized the way I plan to play this game to the letter. A blood-thirsty, hell-raising demonspawn who plays to the max, but also wants to be respectful of the fact that it's a game, and no one wants to be camped, killed just outside the new player area, etc.

    A bit about myself: love pvp, love playing with and helping guildies, enjoy helping new players when bored. Usually play the berserker type so I'll be playing the hellfire demon with the biggest 2h weapon I can get my hands on. I'm OCD, and as such, my completionist brain will probably demand I learn every skill and master every trade (within reason) in the game.

    I don't like discussions of politics, religion, racism, sexism etc in a game. To me, we play games to have a space to get away from that RL stuff.

    Send me a message or reply to this if you please. From what you said here, I'd love to be a part of the guild!


    @Zephyron Hey, thanks for the post! Glad to hear that the ideas behind Teufelstein struck a chord with you, that's awesome. Totally love to have you in the guild, we don't have much established yet as the game is a ways out from release, but if you'll be participating in the alphas we'll be there. In the meantime, please join up on our Foundation guild page, the link is in my signature block. And if you're on Discord, look me up (Trug#3650) and I can get you an invite to our gaming community server as well.

    Hit me up if you have any questions in the meantime!

  • Hey all, how is the guild looking at this point? I am curious, how many members are there so far? I ask because I am interested and there are at least 3 of us that would join if it's a fit.

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