What should be fixed and added to the game!


    What should be fixed and added to the game!

    About PVP:
    During this alpha I faced some difficulties in pvp. I will comment on them and present some solutions that may be useful in the future.

    1- One of the difficulties in PVP was the flight of the players. Even though I had a slow or Stun skill, I let several players escape.
    When the player uses invisibility, I accept ... Now when the player escapes because he left my field of vision, I get very upset. It can turn to the left and I don't know ...

    My suggestion is:
    -Whenever we attack a player, a red ball appears on the mini-map (just like the party ball). This ball only disappears if the player is 2x out of sight. This makes the pursuit more exciting.

    2- Another problem that happened during the PVP is the interaction with the map.
    When I was trying to kill someone I would click on a tree and open the tree menu ... or when i was playing Mage and instead of attacking a player I would clicked on a tree / rock ...

    My suggestion:
    -Deactivate all map interaction to facilitate PVP and PVE.
    It's bad to kill mobs or players and to be cliking all the time in trees and rocks. Just press the SHIFT key and you can interact with the map. When it is not pressed, it does not interact.

    3- When I killed a player and saw the loot, I wasted a lot of time figuring out if he had one with charm or built with another resource (gold / silver / couper).

    My suggestion:

    • Enchanted items must have colors or + 1 / + 2 / + 3 / + 4 appear in the image. This makes it easy to identify unenchanted or enchanted items within the chest / body.

    4- When I asked someone where she was and she answered the coordinates, it took me some time to get there due to the error attempt.

    My suggestion:

    • Perhaps one of the most important points of all, and easy to solve ... on the map (M) there should be a scale with the coordinates! Just add a grid with fixed coordinates to the image of (M). Do you know the ARK map? Do something identical. It won't take much work and it solves the problem.

    Other suggestions!

    a- I would like to see the HP of my party members on the left side.

    b- Currently there are question marks (?) for undiscovered cities. I suggest changing these "?" by fog / fog.
    When we create characters, the map (M) should be all "foggy" and this "foggy" will disappear as we discover it.

    c- To replace the "!" you could create a mini icon for each boss. It was going to be more beautiful and easier to identify (use the icon color to identify the boss’s difficulty).

    d- I would like to be able to buy at the game store a mascot that would catch the loot of the mobs I kill. Certainly, many players would buy just to avoid having to pick up loot from groups of mobs.

    e- There should be a branch in the talent tree related to Craft.
    Increase the likelihood of creating stronger items (normal / rare / very rare / legendary items) and the items should all be unique in status (random). Only the basics would be the same.

    f- When we craft a weapon it should have a degree of rarity with a unique status. Being able to have more damage or more armor ... Being able to give more magic resistance or more damage / critical / luck / shield / etc

    g- I would like to be able to tame more animals. It could be a skill or talent from the talent tree. It was good for archers or summoners.

    h- I hope to see in the future, animals that only appear at night, during winter / summer ...

    i- I would like to see, in addition to BOSS, some dungeons, Raids that drop special items to craft ... or that are protecting a treasure (they could be a chest that could luckily contain a normal / rare / very rare weapon / legendary and some other loot.

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    E: Craft Branch of Talent Tree; they said this may be coming in the future
    F: Randomized Enchantment Rarity; this doesn't really fit the design philosophy of Fractured. The best you can hope for is that several similar enchantments have similar requirements in reagents, and the game randomizes which you get when you qualify for more than one.
    I: Instanced Dungeons and Rare Loot: They already said there will be special event Asteroids that will be coming later, once the game goes live, and these will be the limited access events/dungeons/raids people are wanting. That being said,they are also dedicated to a 100% Player Created/Driven Economy, so rare raid drops won't happen...the best you might hope for is super rare reagents.

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