The cowardice, inexperienced mage [DPS]


    The main intention was being able to avoid PvP or being able to 'escape it' when others are trying to force it on you, while still being able to deal a good amount of damage in PvE (or actually last strike in PvP), simply because people kept saying they couldn't enjoy a PvP focused stress test on various different media. No knowledge on creatures or locations is required.

    • Q - Firebolt
    • W - Magic Missile
    • E - Shocking Lash

    Three different (quick) forms of low mana cost damage. Basically, wherever you go, you have at least some means to hurt the creature.

    • R - Fireball

    Great 'one hit' ability against annoying groups of 'lower' creatures (e.g. wolves, spiders,...) and dealing a good amount of damage.

    • T - Totem of Wildfire

    Initiate the battle with this to have both additional damage and a decoy.

    • D - Relocate
    • F - Shadow Walk
    • G - Absorb

    Basically, the idea is to survive a bit of damage, 'jump away' and hide. If you're really scared, you can even walk around in stealth. It should grant you the means to escape (more often than not), or to decide if you even want to interact with somebody.

    You can replace QWE with a bandage to get healing during PvE when you know what element is least useful in this scenario.


    • Str 10 (+1)
    • Dex 15 (+1)
    • Per 15 (+1)
    • Int 18 (+2)
    • Cha 10
    • Con 10


    • Meditative I/II/III + Sage
    • Mysticist I/II/III + Power Caster

    Ensures that you have enough mana to get you through any sort of combat.

    • Ironclad I/II + Resilient I/II

    Gives you some basic protection if you can't avoid attacks.

    • Furtive I + Observant I

    Just the little bit you likely need to avoid detection

    • Adept + Titan Fighter

    A little bit of extra damage

    Since you're new to the game, you'd use scholar hood, gloves, clothes and boots with a simple wooden buckler. You can easily replace all of that within less than 5 minutes, even if you are being looted, this is hardly a setback for you. The only thing that could be annoying would be if you'd have a horse and lose that.


    🤣 great idea! Thanks m8
    I've been using a variant of this posted by @maze and tweaked by me to be a 'Barehanded Ninja Monk' but I haven't had time in-game to get her butt out of town yet 🙄 🤣

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