Question - Taming details?

  • Hi everyone.

    Just a quick question, I'm really impressed with the foundations so far, having done a little testing on the Alpha.

    It appears that taming hasn't yet been implemented or fully designed, which is fine, it will come. However I was just wondering if there are any details on what has been proposed for this particular skill / class yet.

    Any information or links would be appreciated. Otherwise, keep up the great work!

    Kind regards.


    Hi Kaz - LOTS of discussion on the CHA stat and its possibilities. I got over 200 hits for both searches when I plugged 'taming' and 'charisma' into the forum search. Have fun catching up on the conversation! 🖖

    In this case, it makes sense for the devs to focus on the stats and abilities used for PvP. I know they know there's lots of us happiest in support roles - healer, bard - who are waiting keenly for the CHA abilities to come into focus. We're having fun taming horses and dreaming of Arboreus-to-come. Meanwhile, enjoy the hack n slash!

  • @PeachMcD

    Thank you for the reply. Honestly, I should have used the search function. For some reason it's the one thing I always forget to do on forums.

    Don't think there is any questions I have that haven't been answered there. Thanks again.

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