Feedback From a New Tester

  • I haven't been able to put in much time yet but I feel as though I should get some of my thoughts out there to be of use and discussion.

    1. I noticed sometimes my character doesn't want to move in the direction I am choosing to move to when holding down the mouse button. it seems delayed and although it wasn't game breaking, it was a nuisance.

    2. after completing the tutorial I didn't quite know what my "energy" was and assumed it was talking about the mana system. during the part of the tutorial where you are making bread I think it would help a lot to make the energy bar flash during that section to help direct the players attention to it.

    3. later on a more advanced tutorial could really benefit new players, especially those new to the genre. for instance when fighting the wolves going in-depth and showing how a good combination of skills would benefit the player. Or by going over the whole talents page which took me way too long to figure out.

    4. I have ended up killing certain mobs and their corpses ended up stuck in objects which when attempted to loot gave me the message "you do not have the permission to loot this" I don't know quite what prevented me from looting but i'd assume it would be the object it was stuck in.

    5. I think the PvE hotspots are very well implemented and truly awesome to explore, honestly I didn't think id like this system as much as I had and with it obtaining skills really was interesting. I feel i could find myself spending all day just exploring the map and seeing what it has to offer.

    6. However with PvE there was one thing that bothered me a little bit. there had been a couple times i killed a few mobs and their bodies overlapped each other, with this I couldn't grab all the items off of them. a system which combines all the loot in a short area into one bag when searching would help fix this issue.


    I was fortunate enough to receive a key to test with from Paradox_Gaming_Network and with that i am now hooked onto this project and will continue to play and gather more of my thoughts. i plan buy myself a key here shortly and I hope to then be able to give back even more Feedback in future tests to be of use.


    nice feedback👍


    Solid write up, and the bodies overlapping thing has been a pretty significant problem for me as well. With some enemy groups I run around collecting a bunch and then, Diablo style, blast them all at once. Except when doing that some of the corpses are unable to be looted because they can't be individually clicked on when they're buried. Hope they figure out a fix for this.

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