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  • From what i can see/have been told. You have to join a town/city to be able to tan leather? But that requires the major of the city i applay to actualy logs on. I assume the person also has to go see if there are applications. Can others just take out what you are tanning?

    If i can't craft these things at my house. What is the point of a house. They seem to take quite a bit of time. This just makes me think the crafting is flawed. You can spend so much time just trying to become a citizan of a town. Plus you can spend alot of time on creating a house. For what!


    @killergoldfish said in some questions:

    a citizan of a town. Plus you can spend alot of time on creating a hou

    Houses are pretty much just for decoration at the moment. You really don't need one at all as you can place everything you want inside of a plot instead. With this said, houses do give one key function and that is firepits, so a properly placed house next to a mob farming zone with a firepit is very very handy to have.

    City permissions are not implemented yet, so that does currently cause problems with city crafting stations in the regards that any citizen can place and retrieve items from any crafting station, even if it is not their own. I am quite sure the devs will work this out in later updates.

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