[FRAC-2253] Infinite Storage/Unused Material/Unusable Material

  • I have had charcoal storage glitch, yesterday, that allowed infinite pulling of charcoal out for about 20 seconds, then it finally started removing them. Also I made a spear today using copper and a wooden pole, but the wooden pole was not actually used. And after I had made that wooden pole, I went back to craft a wooden heater shield, but now the woodshed outside is not connecting, so I can no longer craft wooden Items.

  • So I have gone back and tested the infinite storage theory, I now have now placed more in the coal storage than it shows I have space to store. I threw in about 15 extra pieces, so yea.... starting the look like bottomless coal storage.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed in v.a.2.4.1

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