[Farming] Missing Field Spaces are on Road

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    Our Fertile Grounds in Atrium Harbour are divided by a river.
    I found yesterday, that we had another space for fields on the other side of the road, because i could not imagine that our 25 fields we had was enough to maintain just a single town.
    The other side of the river gave me exactly space for 30 more fields.

    Because of this, i removed today after harvesting some of the old fields to replace them and could get 27 out of the space, means 2 more than before.
    After i replanted all, i just tried, if on the other side of the Road is maybe space too and figured, that the missing 3 fields are exactly on the road (-3064 W -2918 N). They have a bit space between already placed fields and the available spaces on road, i i wasn't able to add these 3 fields directly close to the other (red blueprint).

    The Road Speed Buff is still there.
    A2T4_Fields on Road.PNG

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