Gear balance


    i wear basic hide armor and primitive hammer and i kill almost everyone except purple spider in a danger zone. i think basic armor and weapon should work only for basic animals like wolfs and bears and small spiders. higher ones should be killed by mettal gear at least


    Hmm how do you think the player base will progress in the game? That places tons of emphasis on city resources that take hours to mine, smelt, respawn, repeat. Then you have enough for one player.

    How long do you think the player base at launch will stick around slapping wolf with stone headed sticks before they just log off due to resource gear draughts?

    Don’t support this idea at all. Spiders, goblins, and skeletons are a good introduction enemy for players.


    ok but maybe make it 10 players content then. not one solo guy with unbreakable stone hammer killing all undeads stiders and gouls. maybe make it break very fast.
    but i ruther go the way i originally described

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