[Tip] Guaranteed tier 2 Int and Spell Damage on neck slot


    Just wanted to share these combinations of reagents to get tier 2 Int and Spell Damage on a neckpiece.

    Use the 1st recipe below to get T2 Int. Then use the 2nd recipe to get T2 Spell Damage. This works because you can't double up on INT in the 2nd enchantment and will guarantee that you get Spell Damage.

    You can use the same recipe to get T2 Spell Damage for any Mage Staff. As a bonus, I also added the recipe for T2 Durable.

    T2 Int
    Slot 1: Mandrake Root
    Slot 2: Mandrake Root
    Slot 3: Mandrake Root
    Slot 4: Honeynail Mushroom
    Slot 5: Honeynail Mushroom

    T2 Spell Damage
    Slot 1: Zombie Brain
    Slot 2: Zombie Brain
    Slot 3: Mandrake Root
    Slot 4: Mandrake Root
    Slot 5: Honeynail Mushrooms

    T2 Durable
    Slot1: Penny Bun Mushroom
    Slot2: Dark Splinter
    Slot3: Honeynal Mushrooms
    Slot4: Spider Gland
    Slot5: Wolf Teeth

    edit: The same also works for Tier 2 Spell Damage on Mage Staffs
    edit2: Had to clarify other details on how to get T2 Int and SD

    2 int(png).png
    Tier 2 Int-SD (png).png
    T2 Durable(png).png

  • This is awesome, thanks.

    Just a quick question, what does Mandrake Root look like and where is it commonly? Never even seen one.



    Now these are the posts I love. I've been keeping my own recipes as I stumble on them, and these are great. Thank you.

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