Hm lets see what I want to enchant to my specific weapons


    Alright. Whomst the FUCK thought that giving all the specific damage type bonuses for enchanting the EXACT SAME typings was a good idea?
    Acid: Soul, Create, Chaos, Order.
    Cold: Soul, Create, Chaos, Order.
    Fire: Soul, Create, Chaos, Order.
    Magic: Soul, Create, Chaos, Order.
    Poison: Soul, Create, Chaos, Order.
    Shock: Soul, Create, Chaos, Order.

    fuck man...

  • Yeah, this is a really big issue imo.

    What I dont get is that there are already fire, water, earth and other types... so why not use those? Hoping it'll get looked at and changed in the future.


    I havn't done enchanting yet this test, so i don't know if it's implemented yet, but... they plan to have it where you can choose specifically which enchant you want and not have a random roll between which ones you light up. Those are all new enchants since last test, so the recipes are probably placeholders.


    @HoldOut this bit specifically kinda broke me in my head. like... just change one of the things to the element and it's great.

    And this is the first ive heard of eventually choosing which enchant you want.

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