My massive bug list!


    Hello all.

    This is an ongoing list that I have compiled. Some are suggestions, but most are actual bugs. It's just a copy pasta, so try and ignore any duplicates, if you find any.

    Some basic suggestions :
    When reaching 100% in bestiary. It should give you a bonus vs creature?
    Treasure chests spawning system in certain areas, IE Goblin Hills
    Damaged gear should have an icon displayed below status bar in top left if yellow/red
    Your current location should be displayed on UI (IE city, POI, region) Above minimap?
    Allow non-citizens to reverse engineer items into high tier resources
    Consolidate and enclose city resource nodes, IE actual enclosed mines, quarries, farm and design system to build defenses around it
    Add high tier resources to open world either in specific rare locations, or done so with a node spawner that has low chance, so non-citizens can trade in small amounts of resources
    Allow non-citizens to create basic tier light, medium, and heavy armors and weapons. It's already hard for them to get those resources and takes time to refine on small lots
    Which means more workstations being able to be placed in non-city housing plots
    Dungeon system
    Physical boats

    Settings Menu

    1 - 3440x1440 NOT an option, but still works with 'use my resolution'
    2 - Game music should be 50% by default, AT LEAST
    3 - UI sounds are too harsh and 'crunchy'
    4 - No ability to change or even see keybinds

    Character Selection

    5 - More creativity could go into how this screen is designed
    and where objects are located
    6 - Can't rotate character
    7 - Low resolution characters and scenery don't look appealing
    8 - Character ID not needed before race and sex (might be for alpha?)
    9 - Audio mute button isn't needed if default music volume is lowered

    10 - Environmental audio not looping smoothly sometimes
    11 - Washed out terrain at certain times of the day, in certain lighting.
    12 - Can't hide character name or health status bars above character
    13 - Character position seems slightly higher on screen than it should be, but maybe I'm wrong?
    14 - Flickering orange/yellow ground cover leaves when moving in certain areas
    15 - Picked Arcanist, does not teach leatherworking
    16 - Difference between ability preset and talent preset not obvious enough
    17 - Icon for satiety is not obviously for satiety
    18 - Can't move food to hotbar
    19 - On widescreen display, click to move in upper corners doesn't work
    20 - Ambient sounds sometimes cut out momentarily depending on location
    21 - Footsteps don't match material of bridges
    22 - No bubble chat above character, WE NEED THIS!!!!
    23 - Can't hide or move UI elements
    24 - Inventory should populate with character sheet
    25 - Inventory and character sheet should populate with bank inventory
    26 - Food should give buffs to give them value beyond not dying...
    27 - When memorizing presets, preset screen should stay open, so we don't have to get up, then click the hearth or fireplace again
    28 - Northern safe city has much better layout, south city needs condensed perhaps...
    29 - Tutorial doesn't include harvesting and creating a campfire
    30 - Character sometimes continues to swing weapon after targets death
    31 - Sometimes enemies don't attack
    32 - Campfire sometimes sounds like dumping out trash instead of fire, actually it sounds like building walls in your house. Rare bug.
    33 - Armor and weapons do not show item stats on crafting page
    34 - Some dead or alive enemies float above the ground
    35 - Goblin Trapper bow animations could use some polish
    36 - Occasional hitching when travelling
    37 - Occasionally experiencing a few seconds of server lag, mostly noticeable
    when fighting
    38 - Building a campfire removes weapon from your hand, and some other actions do it too. Seems random, not every time.
    39 - No water splashes when running in water
    40 - House located directly on road : -3158 W -363 N
    41 - Invisible object on road at -2543 W -1221 N
    42 - Sometimes structures, creatures and corpses render after they are on screen
    43 - Spiders in Myr Grasslands? Fields are weird places to find spiders. Other instances of odd creature placement
    44 - Horses have no footstep sounds
    45 - Need auto-dismount when interacting with objects that require you on foot,
    such as harvesting and resting
    46 - pressing mouse an inch from character should allow you to walk, further
    away should allow you to run
    47 - Character sheet needs tooltips with information about various stats
    and what they do
    48 - Ambient environmental audio is intermittant at best in the world
    49 - Road not connected at -2821 W -82 N
    50 - No circle of transparency to see behind objects obscurring your character. NEED THIS!!!
    51 - When scrolling to zoom on map, position should zoom in on mouse pointer
    location. Makes it easier to zoom in on a location.
    52 - Darkest night setting is far too short. Last's just a few seconds.
    53 - Tutorial doesn't include how the talent tree works
    55 - Housing plot may be in middle of road at -2289 W -46 N
    56 - Rustic 4x4 L Patio description is missing 'wilderness' at the end
    57 - Rustic 3x3 description is missing 'wilderness' at the end
    58 - Rustic 2x2 Patio description is missing 'wilderness' at the end
    59 - Invisible object in road at 3979 W 948 N
    60 - Invisible object in road at 4342 W 1185 N
    61 - Invisible river at 4787 W 1439 N, in fact, whole river going south from the tip of the desert is missing, audio plays.
    62 - No lumberjacking audio
    63 - No mining audio
    64 - No harvesting audio
    65 - Carts litter the world and you can't destroy them. Do they decay over time?
    66 - When chopping trees, sometimes wood falls into ungatherable positions and
    you can't interact with them
    67 - Mobs walk through objects instead of path finding around them
    68 - Can't inspect wagons while mounted or while hooked up to wagon, why?
    69 - Should be able to split stacks by right clicking, much more intuitive. Needs context menu.
    70 - Floating ruins on housing plot in city limits at 4460 W 2401 N
    71 - Invisible object in road at 4334 W 2405 N
    72 - Floating ruins in city housing plot at 3822 W 2534 N
    73 - Floating ruins in city housing plot at 3754 W 2497 N
    74 - Invisible object in road at 4832 W 1358 N
    75 - Invisible object in road at 4367 W 1224 N
    76 - Invisible object in road at 4089 W 1127 N
    77 - Invisible object in road at 3981 W 950 N
    78 - Only terrain texture is rendering in area of 1129 W 293 N
    79 - House built into side of mountain at 775 W 413 N
    80 - Built structures and roads in cities don't show on minimap
    81 - Bridge partially floating at 189 W 443 N
    82 - Area not rendering interact-able objects at -1229 W 168 N
    83 - Can't hear footsteps from other players
    84 - When logs fall to the ground, the animation is very choppy
    84 - Can't place one of my fences, nothing in the way 4x4 patio
    85 - Charcoal piles too large, can't place them and surround with fence
    86 - Tool tip box is stuck on screen with all inventories closed, relog fixed
    87 - Zombies making squirrel chirps when they are attacked and when they die
    88 - Can't queue up actions, must wait for animations to end

    My list started to slow down here. I'll update this with any more than I find.

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