my ideas to improve gameplay


    When I craft arrows for my bow I feel that I am getting too many, 200 arrows per craft is too much of a reward for very little effort in making them. Perhaps turn it down to 20 so that it feels more like survival rather than a huge surplus of them.

    Stacks in the game are too small, several times I am collecting plants and I end up with full stacks of them but not anywhere near my max weight carry. Allow for larger stacks so that max weight carry becomes the primary factor.

    A primitive rope belt - 3 rope, 3 fabric to create a belt that gives a small boost to max weight carry.

    sometimes when out adventuring it can be hard to find the 10 small rocks needed to build a campfire when you need to rest, perhaps a tent that can be crafted from rope and fabric that only has the ability to rest.


    please play game more.

    1. stucks are all balanced well. you need a bloody 2 fried meat to be full filled like for 1 hour or so so 1 stuck of 10 keeps you full for 5 hours. isnt it enought for you? do u want like in albion 800 wood logs in a bag??? please no.
    2. 200 arrows isnt to much. you use them like 10 minutes and they gone. if you make it 20 then it will be ennoing.
    3. stone. sometime there is no stone yes, but like i said play game more and you will see that sometime there like 10 stons in one spot. yes 10 rock sometimes feels to much but campfire should not be like an easy task. so you want huge stucks and lest rocks for campfire and then u need more hardcore??? man you gotta deside what direction u r going.

    anyway this is just my view and maybe wrong. but for me its to early to descuss such little details. i more focuse on core machanics and suggestions. this is only alpha its to early

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