Ruins of Hollogrove (Whispering Woods). Best POI i've experienced in the game so far


    Ruins of Hollogrove is a Point of Interest in Whispering Woods. It's a great place to farm the following mobs:
    Black Widow, Ghoul, Crawling Horror, Skeletal Knight, Skeletal Warrior, Skeleton, Spider Lich, Zombie

    Besides being a spot for farming those mobs, it showed me the potential of the open-world design in Fractured. The POI can be approached from east or west and the paths lead to either side or as you would discover, to the center. The mobs are well spaced and give you enough room to fight. Not enough to make it easy to kite them but also not close enough to kill you. You definitely have to be careful with how you navigate this POI if you are exploring solo. The first time I entered, this small maze made me feel reminiscent of 'dungeons' in other games, granted that it's an open-world location. Things got progressively more challenging as you reached the center of the mountain. You'd find that at the center there are A LOT of zombies guarding Crawling Horrors and Spider Liches.

    It was a very fun experience exploring this part of the map. My guildie and I duo-ed this location as mages and were lucky enough to clear it without any contest. It is very doable as a duo in any configuration (tank/mage, tank/tank, mage/mage). Clearing might be a different story for solo players but you will still be able to get to the center for the exploration knowledge. However, It will be very difficult to take out the important mobs at the center alone, so I highly suggest bringing another player with you if you plan to farm out the center of the POI. If you're a fan of AOE you will not be disappointed with the mob density.

    Overall, this was the best PVE experience I've had so far in the game. Big ups to the devs and really looking forward to what they've got in store for us!

    Ruins of Hollowgrove.png

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    Yeah, that area is new.
    I was very surprised, when i saw it and i love this place.
    Always when they add these small things, i get the the certainty that the game is on a very good path.
    Imagine such places all over the continents and planets.

    When i was exploring some tests ago the world by foot, i came across some places with such a potential.

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