Pretty solid for early alpha stages


    After 3 days in game and testing out town building etc im enjoying it , the skill/talent system im still getting use too but it works good for this game .... one thing is trade though I think players should be able to trade items between players , maybe just keep major resources how they work with trade and add some resource nodes for solo players like iron coal etc , cities with the major nodes would still be better off .... as a UO vet this game has potential and looking forward to seeing how it grows hopefully more pvp in future I know my dream of these graphics with UO style skill system and open pvp would be a niche game


    player trade could become an issue, due to the fact game is focusing on cities trade.
    Item trade avoid the use of coins, so the farm need will reduce ruining the pve experience and the hunters(harvesters) role.

    And more, thing about a citizen opening his town chests, stealing all resources (that viable by backpack) and giving them to an enemy city where he have friends, like a pushing behaviour...

    I'm agree that its frustrating a non-trade option by players, and i can even accept it, but we must be sure no lame option pop up, otherwise game sense will fall


    I'm sure a player to player trade function is in the works and in the plan. It feels kind of strange not to have this in such a game.

    Citizens opening stuff and stealing ... well in-siding has been a part of games like this since forever and a more robust permission system and a clear log would solve all those problems.

    All in all for now the game looks very promising. There are broken things, there are missing things, there is in-balance but it is Alpha and all that is OK as long as people report on it and give their opinions. Dont cry bloody murder when something doesnt go your way and call it the end of days ... its not, they can and probably will fix it.

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    @Luftwaffe Player-to-player trading is planned. I have no ETA on it, but it's coming.

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