Player trades


    Can we get some way to trade directly with others (other than chests)? Like a barter window of some kind? Love the game so far!


    it was supposed to be and the devs know how much people want it I think.

    "The roadmap to Alpha 2 – Test 3 contained a few points that we didn’t manage to implement due to the unplanned addition of player militias.

    As mentioned on the forums, we wanted to get a couple of them live during this test, but couldn’t do that due to the list of bug fixes being much longer than expected and all our devs having taken vacation time in August.

    Don’t worry though, they aren’t forgotten. All of the following will be ready in the Fall Alpha!

    The Harbor Master, available only in a few selected coastal large cities, which allows players to teleport to any other functional Harbor Master.
    Minimap pins for party and guild members.
    Direct trading between players.
    An option to toggle combat mode manually.
    Spell and menu hotkeys rebinding."

    But alas I haven't seen any of these things working yet so /shrug


    @AlejoTheBear Minimap pins for party members is in, rest is not. I'd love to have my keybinds they promised us like the last 3 tests or so 😖 Maybe we get some of this stuff later in the test if they can manage to get it in beside all the bugfixing and stuff.

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