Couple of things and quick thoughts.


    No fluff, just fast thoughts.

    • Buildings should be marked in towns so we know which is which after they have been placed.

    • Stone should spawn faster for testing purposes, same with times for smelting

    • Upkeep is weird, I think that could be narrowed to gold or items that town produces via mines?

    • Enchanting should be a bit more explanatory IMO

    • Horses, not nearly enough, seriously, come on

    So far, this test has been a bit rough so far, however I'm now more invested into this game than I ever have been. I think you all are doing fantastic but I'd like to be able to test a bit more, without having to grind to get to test if that makes sense. I understand upon release, it may take a month to get a town built, but for testing, I think a bit more frequent spawn times would be more appropriate. Thank you!


    Quick responses:

    • I totally agree that town buildings need to have special symbols on the minimap. It's such a pain trying to remember the layout - and I'm actually usually sober while I'm playing.

    • The new stone system is definitely harsh, but as long as it's the same harsh on everyone I guess that's just something I live with.

    • I've seen others (e.g. @Nekrage ) giving feedback about the town upkeep system - pretty sure that's going to be adjusted b4 the next test.

    • Mages normally study for years to be able to enchant ANYTHING. Fractured players have a sweet system guide here:

    • I love my horse! Makes seeing the world so much easier! I see folks are having real problems finding them - I wonder whether we could add those to the trading system, bc my guild has plenty.

    See you in there!


    We definitely need a labeling system when stuff is placed down in a city. Fully in agreement there. And stone, this is something I think should be looked at as well. Maybe if a city isn't claimed yet its ruins (for stone) are a ffa. That would definitely help out some as city cites aren't too far. Also maybe spawn a ruin (for stone) with building spots outside of cities that work the same way (ffa until claimed).

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