After today's patch, unable to place heavy resources into Metalworking/Blacksmithing containers


    After the patch today to fix being able to place heavy resources into the Metalworking/Blacksmithing stations, I am unable to place heavy resources into the correct containers because I keep getting the message "This container is full!" even when they are completely empty or have empty slots. This means we are unable to place ingots into the ingot storage in order to craft using the forge, unable to refill the coal/charcoal storage, and unable to refill the ore storage.


    Update- After some investigation, it seems to have to do with heavy resources that were harvested before the patch, being bugged after the patch. The specific charcoal and ingots that I am unable to place into the forge/blacksmithing building are ones that were in my cart before the patch. Ingots/charcoal that were finished after the patch are not bugged.

    Edit- 11/7/2020 seems to have been fixed.

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