[FRAC-2238] "Inventory Crafting Menu" not available


    Opening the Crafting & Blueprints menu shows only the Blueprints option. I managed to make it appear once after using a Fireplace to make Wolf Meat and then eating it, but this was not repeatable. and may be a coincidence. I've tried opening it in many different situations, but have never been able to make it reappear.


    @Zhaeradan After further testing, I have found that if I open the crafting menu at a Fireplace, and then open the Crafting & Blueprints menu using the interface button, Crafting appears every time. If, the first time after opening the Fireplace crafting menu, I press B to open the interface, Crafting will not appear. I must re-open the Fireplace crafting menu, close it, and then click the interact C&B button for Crafting to appear. From that point, I can then use B to open the interface and Crafting will still appear. The first interface opening after a Fireplace Crafting open seems to be the key.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Found something similar, also linked to the hotkeys.
    Opening the crafting with "V" does always show the blueprint and the inventory crafting (and city). Using "B" does show sometimes Only the blueprint crafting (and City) and sometimes also the inventory crafting. I did not recognize any pattern, yet, though^^


  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed in v.a.2.4.0h

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