CO hosted HoI4/EU4/CK3 MP


    Since we are still far away from full Fractured release, I thought I might as well offer some multiplayer gaming for the interested.

    Crownless Order has been hosting multiplayer sessions of various Paradox Int. games such as Europa Universalis4, Hearts of Iron4 and others for couple months now and since
    "More the merrier" applies quite well in those games, I am here to offer anyone whos interested to join us in following sessions 😉 Starts are usually around 4PM CEST on weekends , early evenings on weekdays. (there are exceptions)

    I'll try to keep the thread up to date with planned sessions guarantees, I might forget.

    (New save) Hearts of Iron 4, Friday 9.10.2020, start 9PM CEST, end after midnight/before 1AM. Road to 56 mod for additional focus trees. All players welcome. Currently expected 10-13ppl.
    (Ongoing save) Europa Universalis 4, Saturday 10.10.2020, start 4PM CEST, end depends on people, current ingame year 1623, ~10ppl

    Discord: Click this to join (needed only for giving out session info like server ID, passwords, free to leave if you dont wish to cooperate via voice chats)

    Feel free to ask questions.

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