Several UI feedback and other issues/bug


    UI Feedback

    1. 'Drag and drop' on chest storage and lack of auto-stack makes storing feel like a tedious process. This can be remedied by a 'right click' store, much like how picking up items work.
    2. Certain buildings in the city doesn't show on the minimap (Woodworkshop and others (1A)
    3. Lack of descriptions on debuffing effects on player icons, i.e; Necrotic disease, Death Mark, etc. etc.
    4. Buildings does not have names/identifiers other than their physical appearance, over time this will not be a problem but the lack of name would certainly help out newcomers.
    5. Players can add the same items on the enchanting table and still get the same bonus/benefit - not sure if this was intended (1B)
    6. Lack of chat tabs isolation - Guild/Local/Party/World, etc.
    7. Lack of combat log to test out stats/effects.

    Combat System/Character stat feedback.

    1. Delay on the recognition of stats and effects i.e; putting on a weapon grants its partial stat buff from talents, then enchant effects. Taking off the weapon does the same thing, i.e; removing the weapon first removes the enchant effects, 5 seconds later it then removes the talent effect.
    2. Skill 'Concussive Strike' harms user (1C)
    3. Skill 'Frenzy' Randomly turns off

    Other feedback:

    1. Random carts everywhere - Players abandoning blueprints, and carts in random places.
    2. Animals/monster can run through buildings, i.e; a deer/fox/rabbit being chased can walk through a building while players have body collision against it.
    3. Walking with a cart has no difference on paved road vs unpaved road.
    4. Mobs can have a 'funny' spawn site which renders them unable to move/react to players around them, i.e they don't defend themselves or react to melee/projectile yet they still get damaged.

    1A (Refer to physical location and minimap)
    1B (4/5 of the items used were the same item)
    1C (Refer to the death log)

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