Shortbow and Longbow Issues


    The Longbow, is described as a 'Heavy Weapon' and logically would cost more to make, being larger in size than a shortbow, however, this is not the case.


    The Longbow costs a mere 1 log and 1 Rope, has an attack speed of 1.2, weight of 1.5kg and pierce of 105-175.


    The Shortbow on the other hand, costs double the amount of resources to make, is classed as a Heavy weapon in the crafting menu, but a Light weapon in the info, but has the same weight as a long bow (despite the materials being literally 2x heavier), has the same attack speed, and again, being double the cost... it does less damage?

    I would assume the crafting requirements are around the wrong way and the Longbow should weigh 3kg or the Shortbow should weigh 0.5 or 0.75kg. I would also think Shortbows should attack faster, due to them being easier to handle, being less of an encumberance and taking a lot less force to fully draw for a much shorter maximum range.

    As much as this is, in effect, a fantasy game... please don't throw the realism of this out the window.

    I'm not gonna comment on the modifiers you can get from the different types of wood used, coz they seem to be placeholders if anything. Bows seem to be sorely overlooked unfortunately, having no info anywhere as to if any of the stats u choose at the start affects their damage (which i am now inclined to think, none of them do). Not having an option in the character creation (not even a mention for 2h characters that use dex instead of str for damage, which is even more surprising). Apart from that, the talent points r effective.... but because nothing else affects bows, it makes them feel really overpowered when u do have talents, despite other weapons getting the same amount of bonus. There needs to be a bow balance somewhere probably.

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