All bug from first day (update)


    I cannot edit my previous post. Therefore, on the advice that I was given on this forum, I deleted the previous post and created a new one, making all the edits. I hope this does not violate forum rules.

    1.- If the character is overloaded, then interaction with objects works very poorly. As an example, when overloading it will be very difficult to lift a stone. When you hover over a stone, the cursor does not turn into a hand. The problem arises as soon as the character becomes overloaded and disappears if the overload disappears.

    2.- After the death of the last enemy, the character continues to strike. He does this indefinitely. In this case, the cursor is visible on the screen and can be moved. The character will stop striking if you click the mouse.

    3.- The wolf is on the ground, not on the floor. After death, he finds himself under the floor.

    4.- Strong penetration of enemies into objects..

    5.- Inability to collect one of the types of resources. Moreover, the inventory already contains this type of resources. At the same time, other resources are collected without problems. After emptying the inventory, the problem disappeared.

    6.- When moving on roads, sometimes the overload icon appears and the road lock disappears. The character starts walking slowly. At the same time, the weight does not exceed 100%. If you reduce the weight, for example, by eating food, then the overload disappears and the road icon returns.

    The character ate 1 piece of meat. The numerical value of the weight, as a percentage, has not changed. The overload icon has disappeared.

    7.- Possibility to build a house on the road and block it.

    8.- After the tree is cut down, the resources hang in the air at a high altitude.

    9.- All city buildings are not displayed on the minimap. Pier, town hall, etc.

    The screenshot was taken in the city center. The minimap is empty.

    10.- If you kill many enemies in one place, it will be very difficult to collect loot from them. If this place is located behind trees, in thickets of vegetation, then this becomes almost impossible. The bodies of the fallen are not visible.

    11.- Resource assets are hanging in the air.

    12.- There is too much difference in how far objects are visible from the character at the bottom of the screen and at the top. If you go down, you can see it for a very short distance. If you go up, you can see it very far.

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