Melee skills are BLAND compared to caster stuff.

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    Every melee attack is "on next strike", "on next strike", "on next strike", "on next strike" until you have 3-4 of them equipped.

    8 of the melee attacks.....EIGHT of them are "on next strike" when there are only about 9 or 10 melee damage abiltiies.

    We need a channeled cyclone like in Path of Exile, leap slams like in Diablo, hook shot pull like in multiple MOBA style games, an AoE pull in like multiple MOBA style games, a ranged weapon skill shot that stuns like in multiple MOBA style games.

    Lets get these melee skills pumped the hell up here. We are really playing with a lot of uninspired abilities.

    The caster abilities are innovative and fun and it just seems like melee got forgotten.

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    i totally agree on that. melee skills feel soulless and clunky, most of them are work the same way and there is no big challenge on using them.

  • I played caster last alpha and I started this alpha as caster. I spent around 3-4hours playing a melee just this morning and it really feels like everything is toggle and auto swing till dead and repeat.

    Stealth is cool, I like shadow step. There are SOME cool abilities but it doesn't change 99% of your time spent in combat.

    Some ideas would be similar to the stun you start with as a melee, eg abilities with cooldowns that aren't ON NEXT HIT.

    1. Cleave: instant ability that does 200% *(just a random number) of your weapon damage in a 180 degree aoe. this ability instead hits for 360degrees if you are currently using enraged.
    2. Dash: similar to relocate but damages things in your path and applies your current focus ability - eg wounds, slows, bleeds, poisons etc

    Just my 2cents.


    I'm playing melee and I definitely feel like my main abilities are so much simpler than the casters. I just apply status effects and tank hits. At this time, I feel like Melee tank characters have nothing to strive for other than talent points.

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