Streamers and Fractured Alpha - Can you help a Veteran


    Calling all Streamers.

    If all of you would be willing to add a "Fractured Charity Stream" for for the ALPHA of Fractured that would be awesome.

    As a Veteran myself who has lost friends this I feel would be a good cause. If you don't have one set up or anything going on. Please consider setting this up and then donating at the end of the Alpha what ever you are able to collect.

    I would greatly appreciate this.


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    I am currently streaming and collecting for a local Wildlife Center during my streams. As soon as I am done with this campaign I am absolutely open to streaming and collecting for

    I am all for this! I personally avoid being a sellout and don't ever try to make a profit off streaming. If I can use my small platform to support a good cause then I'm in!

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    I'm currently a streamer, but I already associate my stream with ExtraLife4Kids as charity of choice. Part of the Childrens' Miracle Network.

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