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    First off, sorry if this is not the correct location for this post. If there is a better place for this type of feedback, feel free to move it to the appropriate location.

    When first navigating to the Fractured MMO website you are provided concept art featuring beastmen, demons and unknown figures (presumably humans with faces concealed). This may lead to some confusion for people visiting the site for the first time indicating this may be a game focused entirely around anthromorphs (link to definition). As a result, you may discourage players who may become interested in the game but have no interest in playing a anthromorphic character. I have come to this game late for that very reason. I was told by many communities that this game is one that we should keep an eye on and play but I never purchased the game because I assumed the world was for some reason devoid of humans or human-adjacent characters (dwarves, elves, ect).

    I recommend that some art be replaced that is slightly more clear on what races are available in the game. It doesn't need to change the style of the art but seeing at least one human face would be beneficial at attracting new players who are not interested in playing a Beastmen or Demonic character.


    @Endamaren hmm but the first picture on the Startpage shows all races.
    If you click through the startpage pictures, there are more hints, what characters will be playable.
    Also there are tons of Informations on the page, which races we get, per example the Spotlight#1.

    People who just like to play human like characters, like dwarfs, elves, gnomes, will be for sure disappointed about Fractured.
    But the Design Journals and the start page itself states clear what kind of character races the game will provide.
    Surely, just my opinion, but i came to here, because it is not the usual fantasy setup and it is nicely leaned to real life mythics 🙂

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