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    What's everyones thoughts on the skill ceiling currently in the game? The lack of stutter stepping / kiting is kind of a downer. I realized real quick that if you're within range of a target when it begins it's attack, even if you move out of range you're going to get hit. You seemingly can't step out of an attack that's been executed on you.

    I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since this game borrows a lot of inspiration from UO and you couldn't really step out of attacks, but UO also had stagger on attack/hit which made combat a little more skillful. Someone who was smart could kite, turn around hit you, stagger you, and kite again.

    What I'm ultimately asking is what is everyone's thoughts on the skill ceiling and the state of combat in the game?


    @Helix I understand wanting to have more skill based game machanics, it makes the combat feel more interesting for the player, but in the other hand being more predictable makes a better tactics based game where cooperation and team coordination is more relevant. I belive the decision depends on what kind of experience the devs want to provide for the player. Anyway, thats how I see it. 🙂

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    @RodrigoMarquezine I don't see how having a more in-depth fight mechanics would harm the tactical part of any given encounter, I would argue quite the opposite: it would harm one's ability to outmaneuver/outsmart their oppontent by virtually removing the mechanical skill variable and bringing the information horizon way way back. This means two things: you get runescape PvE (which is not very fun: standing still and watching two characters hit eachother is as bad as it gets) and your PvP and mass PvP (as in GvG) now heavily rely on recon and intel. This means either more rats and infiltrators (both in and out of the game, which arguably would make the community more toxic or generally less pleasant); and/or force competitive groups to make their members waste a lot of time spying on their opponents in-game for potentially hours before every individual encounter.

    And of course there are arguments for the lower skill ceiling being overall more beneficial to the commuity but I don't really think that the pros outweigh the cons here. Feel free to try to prove me wrong though, I'd be glad to have this discussion. 🙂


    In the previous test, I had no problem kiting in PVE as a mage, although some of the changes for this test will change how that works.

    The DEX -> Speed increase for this test will also change how the PVP and PVE mechanics work, so we will just have to try them out and see how they impact our playstyles.

    The combat was reasonable in the last playtest for the current state of the game - alpha. As for stutter stepping staggering (are you talking about interrupts?), I didn't notice that as a mechanic and it didn't affect how I kited. The only good interrupts I used were killing the mob or using Power Word: Stun, at opportune moments. There are a lot more stun type skills and also slows, both should help if you want to kite more effectively.

    I didn't encounter any skill ceiling at all.

    Overall, combat was probably too easy for PVE which is why we have seen a number of changes in the upcoming playtest to balance it out for both PVE and PVP.


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